J&G Lawn Service, Hamilton, Montana

We are a small family that owns and operates the highest quality lawn and landscape service in the Bitterroot Valley.   J&G Lawn is locally owned and operated.  J&G  has been making greener lawns for homeowners in the Hamilton, Montana area since 1983.

Homeowners and business owners enjoy quality, timely care from our staff.  Our mission is to provide professional lawn maintenance/landscape excavation/irrigation install/maintenance, and snow removal. We are a licensed and insured company. J&G Lawn provides dependable, professional services with high standards of quality and safety.

Over the years since starting J&G Lawn, we have perfected our services to be a complete provider of lawn and landscape services.  We started mowing lawns in 1983. Having several mouths to feed and a house payment, we put a lawn mower in our truck and went door to door.  Times were tough in the Bitterroot Valley in 1983.  Through quality care, customers were willing to contract with J&G and business continued to grow.

J&G founders each have over 25 years of experience of lawn care and maintenance.   Serving the Bitterroot Valley exclusively, they have experience and knowledge of how to bring out the best in local lawns and landscapes. This experience and attention to detail has given J&G Lawn a long list of satisfied customers. We are happy to provide current customer referrals.

J&G Lawn Service Hamilton Montana

We are a full service lawn and landscape company.

Our services have expanded over the years. J&G Lawn now offers services with our equipment such as a dump truck, bobcat and brush hog with tractor mount for your larger outdoor needs, including snow removal.

J&G Lawn started in the Bitterroot Valley and is proud to provide service in this great land.