Spring is the most common time to aerate a lawn, though the most effective way is to aerate in the Fall also.  Within a short period, lawns become fuller and greener.  Aeration benefits your lawn by providing more space for air exchange and making healthier roots.  Aeration also:

•    Helps conserve water and reduces runoff
•    Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
•    Enhances soil water uptake and use
•    Reduces soil compaction
•    Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
•    Improves fertilizer uptake and use
•    Improves turf grass rooting
•    Enhances thatch breakdown

What all this means is a greener yard with happier grass.  Homeowners are amazed how much aerating a lawn improves the quality of a lawn. 

After aerating, overseeding is very helpful. If your grass has thinned out but is not completely dead, overseeding can be done to thicken up the existing turfgrass cover. Overseeding literally means to spread seed over an existing turfgrass cover and have the grass fill in over the season. But overseeding can also include the process of repairing areas that are completely dead.

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