Estate, Farm and Small Ranch Services

Do you have a need for large equipment at your home?  We often get called to assist homeowners of small farms and ranches.  The Bitterroot dream is similar to five acres and a house, with views of the mountains.  Even though a homeowner does not want to farm the property, it is a great attractor for wildlife and also the dream of neighbors not being too close.  We often help homeowners with large fields that need mown.  We also help with cleaning irrigation ditches, small excavation including pond building, tree planting, and more.

We also offer full lawn and landscape services for large property owners.  These services have included, in the past, lawn care, landscape design and renovation, tree care, field mowing, fence building, and sprinkler installation and care.  Each property is different and care of these properties varies. 

Owners of large properties have found our service providing to be professional, prompt and complete.  Many property owners keep our service year after year.  The satisfaction of a complete service provider encourages large landowners to continue to work with our company.  Less headaches and more time for the Montana lifestyle makes life easier.  At J&G Lawn, we are integral to keeping your outdoor space off your chore list.

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