Irrigation Systems

All over the Bitterroot Valley green grass is abundant, especially yards that are watered by efficient sprinkler systems.  Irrigation systems are essential for the health of lawns and landscape plants in the Hamilton, Montana area.  Our irrigation team is trained to install new systems and to repair existing systems. 

New systems can be very technical to design, install, and get just right.  When properly installed and programmed, a sprinkler system keeps your lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers healthy throughout the growing season.  Your irrigation system should be designed and programmed to provide the correct amount of water where it is needed most, and at the right time.  J&G’s team is skilled in making sure your system works effectively and timely.  We guarantee our work and expect that your lawn and landscape will be happy and green throughout the season.

Repairing systems is something we do commonly.  After use, a system wears down and can become leaky, clogged, or programmed incorrectly.  Many homeowners and business owners have found our help to be a blessing by being able to remedy faulty systems quickly, thus saving money from plant setback or dying. 

Also, in these times of where water conservation is becoming more understood and desired, homeowners and business owners appreciate our approach to making sure water is used efficiently with both new and existing irrigation systems.

For more information on our irrigation team, how to make your system more effective, or a quote to install a new system, contact us today and we will promptly assist you.
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