Lawn Care and Mowing

When J&G Lawn started in 1983, we started with being a mowing service only.  Since this time, we have come to understand lawns, how to keep them looking their best, and caring for them in any of the four seasons.  We offer full service care, covering from grass selection, mowing, watering, fertilizing and pest control.   Your green grass is a reflection on us.  We like to see you happy and your yard healthy.

For grass selection, we use only new and improved variety mixtures or blends that grow well in your area of Montana, meet your quality expectations and can accommodate your lawn activities, such as heavy use by children at play.  When needed we use these grasses to patch lawns.

For mowing, we mow at the highest recommended height and mow as often as recommended, never removing more than one-third of the left surface. Keeping the mower blades sharp we offer grass cycling. Grass cycling, or leaving clippings on the lawn when mown, allows nutrients to return to the soil.

Watering: We recommend to water deeply, but not too often. In general, watering should moisten the soil to a depth of 4-6". Too much water can cause water quality and grass problems, increasing the chance of fungus or runoff and leaching of nutrients. And, it's a waste of our precious water resources. Ask us what's right for your lawn.

We also assist lawns with fertilization and pest control. We apply the right amount and kind of fertilizer and pest control products at the right time and only when needed. For best results, let us apply these products.

For a better understanding of what your lawn care requires in each season, give us a call.  We understand local lawns.  All of our work is guaranteed.  Call today.
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