Lawn Renovation

When you notice brown patches or thinning in your lawn and no amount of wishful thinking or aggressive watering will help.  It may be time to renovate your lawn by preparing the soil and re-planting grass seed over damaged areas. Today's new and improved grass seed varieties are made to repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade, or foot traffic.

Lawn renovation can include total rehab of all or part of your lawn and landscape.  The process would bring back the life to overused and unhealthy areas.  Typically, old sod is removed, organic material is mixed into the existing soil, the soil is prepared for new sod, and new sod is then installed.  If you want to keep what you have and bring it back to life, a series of treatments specifically designed for your landscape type, soil composition, and more.

At the time of renovation is an excellent opportunity to install a sprinkler system.  This can reduce the cost of the system later, as well as give new lawns a great kick start to growing green and lush.

The results of lawn renovation are usually dramatic.  Hard to care for lawns and dormant lawns bring down the value of a home and give the impression of an unhappy neighborhood.  Having the benefit of a green lawn is like a breath of fresh air.  Renovating what you have is a great place to start to bring life back to your home.

Each lawn renovation is different.  For your customized plan, give J&G Lawn a call at (406) 363-6653.
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