Lawn Service

You probably won’t believe this.  We actually like mowing lawns.  We like trimming edges for a tight, manicured look.  We like making sure sprinklers are using water efficiently and keeping lawns green and lush.  And, actually, we like seeing our customers enjoying the time they have with their kids playing ball in the yard, or hosting a barbecue.

Over the years since we started J&G Lawn, we have perfected our services to be a complete provider of lawn and landscape services.  We started mowing lawns in 1983.  We were out of work. Having several mouths to feed and a house payment, we put a lawn mower in our truck and went door to door.  Times were tough in the Bitterroot Valley in 1983.  Through quality care, customers were willing to contract with J&G and business continued to grow.

We are a Full Service Lawn and Landscape Provider

J&G services numerous homes and businesses, plus many one time installations and other services.  We have several trucks, recognizable through the valley by our big yellow logo, J&G Lawn.  Our equipment covers all aspects of lawn care from aeration, mowing, and fall clean up.  When Summer changes to Winter, we put on our snowplow blades and provide quick, dependable snow removal for our customers.  Then, in Spring, we break out our lawn care tools and begin to green up Ravalli County, Montana for the next Summer season.

Many of our favorite lawns are simple and found all over the Hamilton, Montana area.  Landscaped with color and trimmed with care, homes in our area show the pride that Bitterroot Valley residents have come to be known for.  We enjoy assisting homeowners in keeping home pride alive.

Today, we have been in business for over 30 years.  (That’s a long way from a push mower in the back of a pickup truck!) We service homes, businesses, farms and ranches.  We extend out beyond Hamilton, Montana with our services, and we provide:

  •      Full Service, Four Season Lawn Care
  •      Landscape/Lawn Design, Installation and Maintenance
  •      Irrigation Design, Installation and Maintenance
  •      Fall and Spring Clean Up
  •      Lawn Renovation
  •      Aeration and Thatching
  •      Mowing
  •      Broadleaf Weed Control
  •      Snow Removal/Sanding/Ice Management
  •      Bobcat/Dumptruck Services
  •      Brush Hog/Field Mowing
  •      Top Soil and Gravel
  •      Shrub Pruning
  •      Fertilizing
  •      Ponds and Water Falls
  •      Retaining Walls
  •      Restoration Services
  •      Reo Preservation
  •      Christmas Light Installation, Removal, and Storage



We are:

•    Licensed through the Great State of Montana
•    We are fully insured
•    Veteran owned (Owner is a Vietnam era Veteran )
•    Family operated
•    Very interested in working for you!

We are easy to get a hold of.  Call us today to arrange the service that Bitterroot residents find to be the best in town.

You can find us easily by calling ….. 406.363.6653

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Don’t let the grass grow too tall under your feet!  Call us today!



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