Power Raking – Thatching

Power rakes and lawn aerators are not substitutes for each other though lawns do experience some common benefits. A power rake removes excess organic debris from the lawn. Lawn aerators are meant to reduce soil compaction and improve grass root development.

Thatch is a layer of semi-decomposed grass and other organic material that accumulates above the soil faster than Mother Nature can absorb it. Thatch build-up is a normal occurrence and is not necessarily harmful to the lawn until it gets too thick. Poor mulching mower performance can be a big contributor to thatch build-up.

Thatch forms a barrier between soil and the water, nutrients and air required for a healthy lawn. It may also serve as a perfect breeding ground for damaging lawn diseases.

Altogether, an annual lawn care plan including power raking, aerating, and fertilizing can improve the health of your lawn.  Improved performance of your lawn allows for an ease of mind, feeling good about your lawn’s appearance in your neighborhood, and creates a great living space that is enjoyed by everyone in your household.

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