Landscape Installation And Renovations


What Can We Do For You?

New landscapes are big projects with huge rewards.  We take pride in building landscapes that bring homeowners joy.  The landscape is the outdoor space of homes and the spaces are always busy with kids, barbecues, and reading books in the sun.

J&G Lawn has taken care of landscapes for a long time.  We have installed several new landscapes.  We have also changed landscapes to fit the homeowner’s needs and desires.  The results consistently please our customers.

We offer several landscape installation options for residential and commercial owners.  We design the spaces, systems and look of the landscapes.  We spend time to make sure the irrigation systems continue to keep plants and lawns healthy.  We take care that trees and shrubs are cared for and growing well.

We also install the customized features of plants, walkways, patios, decks, decorative rock, fire pits, water features and outdoor lighting.

Does the landscape around your home business need improvement? Tell us about your landscaping ideas, renovation plans, and irrigation system or landscape installation requirements.  Call us today!
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The Health Of Your Lawn

All over the Bitterroot Valley green grass is abundant, especially yards that are watered by efficient sprinkler systems. Irrigation systems are essential for the health of lawns and landscape plants in the Hamilton, Montana area. Our irrigation team is trained to install new systems and to repair existing systems.

New systems can be very technical to design, install, and get just right. When properly installed and programmed, a sprinkler system keeps your lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers healthy throughout the growing season. Your irrigation system should be designed and programmed to provide the correct amount of water where it is needed most, and at the right time. J&G’s team is skilled in making sure your system works effectively and timely. We guarantee our work and expect that your lawn and landscape will be happy and green throughout the season.

Repairing systems is something we do commonly. After use, a system wears down and can become leaky, clogged, or programmed incorrectly. Many homeowners and business owners have found our help to be a blessing by being able to remedy faulty systems quickly, thus saving money from plant setback or dying.

Also, in these times of where water conservation is becoming more understood and desired, homeowners and business owners appreciate our approach to making sure water is used efficiently with both new and existing irrigation systems.

For more information on our irrigation team, how to make your system more effective, or a quote to install a new system, contact us today and we will promptly assist you.
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Irrigation Systems


Lawn Care And Mowing


Taking The Best Care Of Your Lawn

When J&G Lawn started in 1983, we started with being a mowing service only. Since this time, we have come to understand lawns, how to keep them looking their best, and caring for them in any of the four seasons. We offer full service care, covering from grass selection, mowing, watering, fertilizing and pest control. Your green grass is a reflection on us. We like to see you happy and your yard healthy.

For grass selection, we use only new and improved variety mixtures or blends that grow well in your area of Montana, meet your quality expectations and can accommodate your lawn activities, such as heavy use by children at play. When needed we use these grasses to patch lawns.

For mowing, we mow at the highest recommended height and mow as often as recommended, never removing more than one-third of the left surface. Keeping the mower blades sharp we offer grass cycling. Grass cycling, or leaving clippings on the lawn when mown, allows nutrients to return to the soil.

Watering: We recommend to water deeply, but not too often. In general, watering should moisten the soil to a depth of 4-6″. Too much water can cause water quality and grass problems, increasing the chance of fungus or runoff and leaching of nutrients.

And, it’s a waste of our precious water resources. Ask us what’s right for your lawn. We also assist lawns with fertilization and pest control. We apply the right amount and kind of fertilizer and pest control products at the right time and only when needed. For best results, let us apply these products.

For a better understanding of what your lawn care requires in each season, give us a call. We understand local lawns. All of our work is guaranteed. Call today.
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Clean Up Before Winter Hits!

After Winter, and after leaves show their colors and drop, there is much to do. In Spring, chores include:

• Pruning
• Aeration
• Fertilizing
• Power raking (Thatching)
• Flower bed preparation and planting
• Garden rototilling
• And mowing

J&G Lawn is very familiar with the work that is required to get all these chores done. As a homeowner, you may be very overwhelmed by the quantity of work. We are very willing to do all of this work for you, or just what is needed most. Most people find this very helpful, especially if they don’t have to rent equipment or hire three different people to get the jobs done.

Autumn brings a beautiful season full of inspiring colors. As the season moves on, so does the need to put the yard and garden to bed for winter:

• Leaves need raked
• Sprinkler systems cleared out of water
• Final trimmings on borders
• Trees and shrubs
• Fertilizing
• And mulching of sensitive areas and plants

Our team is proficient in cleaning up your landscape and preparing it for the winter months, including mulching and care of cold intolerant plants. We like to see the work done in the Fall reflect on Spring. If a landscape is cared for well in the Fall, the Spring is greener and less work to ready for barbecues and yard games.

Call us today for more information on caring for your landscape needs!
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Spring And Fall Clean Up




Your Lawn Loves A Good Aeration!

Spring is the most common time to aerate a lawn, though the most effective way is to aerate in the Fall also. Within a short period, lawns become fuller and greener. Aeration benefits your lawn by providing more space for air exchange and making healthier roots. Aeration also:

• Helps conserve water and reduces runoff
• Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
• Enhances soil water uptake and use
• Reduces soil compaction
• Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
• Improves fertilizer uptake and use
• Improves turf grass rooting
• Enhances thatch breakdown

What all this means is a greener yard with happier grass. Homeowners are amazed how much aerating a lawn improves the quality of a lawn.

After aerating, overseeding is very helpful. If your grass has thinned out but is not completely dead, overseeding can be done to thicken up the existing turfgrass cover. Overseeding literally means to spread seed over an existing turfgrass cover and have the grass fill in over the season. But overseeding can also include the process of repairing areas that are completely dead.

We provide aeration service and full service Spring and Fall maintenance. Call us for a consultation on what your lawn needs, free of charge.
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Give Your Lawn That Fresh Clean Feeling!

Power rakes and lawn aerators are not substitutes for each other though lawns do experience some common benefits. A power rake removes excess organic debris from the lawn. Lawn aerators are meant to reduce soil compaction and improve grass root development.

Thatch is a layer of semi-decomposed grass and other organic material that accumulates above the soil faster than Mother Nature can absorb it. Thatch build-up is a normal occurrence and is not necessarily harmful to the lawn until it gets too thick. Poor mulching mower performance can be a big contributor to thatch build-up.

Thatch forms a barrier between soil and the water, nutrients and air required for a healthy lawn. It may also serve as a perfect breeding ground for damaging lawn diseases.

Altogether, an annual lawn care plan including power raking, aerating, and fertilizing can improve the health of your lawn. Improved performance of your lawn allows for an ease of mind, feeling good about your lawn’s appearance in your neighborhood, and creates a great living space that is enjoyed by everyone in your household.

To schedule a power raking, lawn care plan, or just to ask a few more questions,
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Power Raking & Thatching


Weed Control


Get Rid Of Those Pesky Weeds!

A weed is any plant that is growing where it’s not wanted. This could be a dandelion in your yard or a bunch grass in your flower garden. For weed control, we usually figure any plant that isn’t the same grass as the lawn is a weed. An important part of weed control is distinguishing between annual weeds (live and die in one season) and perennial weeds (live for several years). Also, identification of if it is a broadleaf or a grassy weed is important in finding a solution to creating a great lawn.

Every lawn contains numerous seeds of different weeds. Seeds blow in, are carried on the soles of shoes, the feet of pets, and are dropped by birds. Other seeds have been in the soil for years before you owned your home. For effective lawn weed control, it’s important to have both a defense and offense planned. Combining good cultural and weed prevention practices with properly timed treatments creates an effective weed control plan.

The best method of weed prevention is always a properly mowed and healthy stand of grass. Mowed high, your turf shades the soil, keeping sun and heat from reaching the weed seeds. Thick turf also helps with weed control by denying weeds the water and sunshine they need to gain a foothold.

Most broadleaf weed controls are systemic. This means they have to be absorbed into the weed and moved through the leaves and into the roots. Depending on the type of weed and how actively it’s growing, this can happen in a few hours or may take several days. Once fully absorbed, weed control systems cause the cells of the weed to grow so fast they burst. That’s why weeds curl into strange shapes after a lawn treatment. Because new weeds blow in and sprout, regular lawn weed control treatments are required.

At J&G Lawn, our focus is on weed prevention and control – not permanent eradication. There is no herbicide that eliminates weeds from a lawn immediately or forever. Having a good lawn care plan and following it makes it hard for weeds to compete with a lush, grassy lawn. We enjoy healthy lawns. A healthy lawn is easier to control weeds and creates an enjoyable outdoor space.

For a weed prevention and control program, give us a call and we will help you bring your lawn back to health.
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Give Your Lawn The Face Lift It Needs!

When you notice brown patches or thinning in your lawn and no amount of wishful thinking or aggressive watering will help. It may be time to renovate your lawn by preparing the soil and re-planting grass seed over damaged areas. Today’s new and improved grass seed varieties are made to repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade, or foot traffic.

Lawn renovation can include total rehab of all or part of your lawn and landscape. The process would bring back the life to overused and unhealthy areas. Typically, old sod is removed, organic material is mixed into the existing soil, the soil is prepared for new sod, and new sod is then installed. If you want to keep what you have and bring it back to life, a series of treatments specifically designed for your landscape type, soil composition, and more.

At the time of renovation is an excellent opportunity to install a sprinkler system. This can reduce the cost of the system later, as well as give new lawns a great kick start to growing green and lush.

The results of lawn renovation are usually dramatic. Hard to care for lawns and dormant lawns bring down the value of a home and give the impression of an unhappy neighborhood. Having the benefit of a green lawn is like a breath of fresh air. Renovating what you have is a great place to start to bring life back to your home.

Each lawn renovation is different. For your customized plan, give J&G Lawn a call at (406) 363-6653.
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Lawn Renovation


Estate, Farm & Small Ranches


Big Or Small, We Do It All!

Do you have a need for large equipment at your home? We often get called to assist homeowners of small farms and ranches. The Bitterroot dream is similar to five acres and a house, with views of the mountains. Even though a homeowner does not want to farm the property, it is a great attractor for wildlife and also the dream of neighbors not being too close.

We often help homeowners with large fields that need mown. We also help with cleaning irrigation ditches, small excavation including pondbuilding, tree planting, and more.

We also offer full lawn and landscape services for large property owners. These services have included, in the past, lawncare, landscape design and renovation, tree care, field mowing, fence building, and sprinkler installation and care. Each property is different and care of these properties varies.

Owners of large properties have found our service providing to be professional, prompt and complete. Many property owners keep our service year after year. The satisfaction of a complete service provider encourages large landowners to continue to work with our company.

Less headaches and more time for the Montana lifestyle makes life easier. At J&G Lawn, we are integral to keeping your outdoor space off your chore list.
Call Us Today and have us do all the heavy work for you!
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Put Your Shovel Away!

If you ski, snowmobile, or enjoy a deep woods hike in fresh snow, you probably enjoy snow quite a bit. Sometimes, snow can be overwhelming, a big hassle brought on by Mother Nature. Some people may do just fine breaking out a snow shovel or paying the kid down the street a few bucks to do the job. Oftentimes there are days when these options do not work. If your area gets a lot of snow or even if your area gets a few heavy snowfalls per year, you may want to consider calling J&G Lawn for professional snow removal.

As with hiring any service, professional snow removal is only worth the cost if you cannot do the job adequately or conveniently on your own. Those who have a large driveway or live in an out-of-the-way area might find that the time saved by hiring a professional snow removal service is a lifesaver when it comes to getting to work on time or simply staying out of the cold for hours on end. Having a professional remove snow can also be cheaper because you do not have to purchase a maintain equipment specially purchased to snow removal.

In considering your snow removal needs, think about snow removal especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and New Years. With guests around frequently throughout the season, hiring us for snow removal service would be worth your investment. It will make your life easier, providing you with more time to spend with loved ones.

J&G Lawn has been providing snow removal service for several years, and for homeowners and business owners alike. We can provide seasonal service, or just one-time needs. Call us to set up a contract price, or if you need a job done now.

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Snow Removal