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If you ski, snowmobile, or enjoy a deep woods hike in fresh snow, you probably enjoy snow quite a bit.  Sometimes, snow can be overwhelming, a big hassle brought on by Mother Nature. Some people may do just fine breaking out a snow shovel or paying the kid down the street a few bucks to do the job.  Oftentimes there are days when these options do not work. If your area gets a lot of snow or even if your area gets a few heavy snowfalls per year, you may want to consider calling J & G Lawn for professional snow removal.

As with hiring any service, professional snow removal is only worth the cost if you cannot do the job adequately or conveniently on your own. Those who have a large driveway or live in an out-of-the-way area might find that the time saved by hiring a professional snow removal service is a lifesaver when it comes to getting to work on time or simply staying out of the cold for hours on end.  Having a professional remove snow can also be cheaper because you do not have to purchase a maintain equipment specially purchased to snow removal.

In considering your snow removal needs, think about snow removal especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and New Years. With guests around frequently throughout the season, hiring us for snow removal service would be worth your investment. It will make your life easier, providing you with more time to spend with loved ones.

J&G Lawn has been providing snow removal service for several years, and for homeowners and business owners alike.  We can provide seasonal service, or just one-time needs.  Call us to set up a contract price, or if you need a job done now.

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