Spring and Fall Clean Up

After Winter, and after leaves show their colors and drop, there is much to do.  In Spring, chores include:

•    Pruning
•    Aeration
•    Fertilizing
•    Power raking (Thatching)
•    Flower bed preparation and planting
•    Garden rototilling
•    And mowing

J&G Lawn is very familiar with the work that is required to get all these chores done.  As a homeowner, you may be very overwhelmed by the quantity of work.  We are very willing to do all of this work for you, or just what is needed most.  Most people find this very helpful, especially if they don’t have to rent equipment or hire three different people to get the jobs done.

Autumn brings a beautiful season full of inspiring colors.  As the season moves on, so does the need to put the yard and garden to bed for winter:

•    Leaves need raked
•    Sprinkler systems cleared out of water
•    Final trimmings on borders
•    Trees and shrubs
•    Fertilizing
•    And mulching of sensitive areas and plants

Our team is proficient in cleaning up your landscape and preparing it for the winter months, including mulching and care of cold intolerant plants.  We like to see the work done in the Fall reflect on Spring.  If a landscape is cared for well in the Fall, the Spring is greener and less work to ready for barbecues and yard games.

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